The Newest (and Only Required) Hearsay Culture Listener

One logistical goal of launching this site was to have it done by January 31, 2007. I met this deadline, but you may wonder, why January 31, 2007? The reason is below:


Noah was born on February 1, 2007 and both my wife and my son are doing well. I am extremely grateful and thankful for this blessing.

This week’s show (#27), Prof. Emeritus Richard A. Lanham of UCLA, discussing his book “The Economics of Attention,” will air on Wednesday, February 7 from 5-6 PM PST (previously recorded) on KZSU-FM. A special thanks to my colleagues at KZSU-FM, particularly Chizzy and/or Mike, whose shows are on KZSU before and after mine, respectively, and who will be working the board (and have several times in the past) in my absence.

I will post information and audio from Show #26, Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), next week.

Thanks for your patience as my wife and I get to know our son! I’ll post on how required listening to my show deters and/or advances Noah’s development. There is nothing like a captive audience . . .