Shows 68 and 69 — Morley Winograd, Michael Hais and Prof. John Tehranian — posted

I am very pleased to post two new shows for your summer enjoyment. The first, Show #68, July 9, is my interview with Morley Winograd of USC Marshall School of Business and Michael Hais, former vice president at Frank N. Magid Associates, authors of Millennial Makeover. Millennial Makeover is an insightful study of the new generation of voters, the “Millennials,” written by two veterans of national politics. It is worthwhile reading for technologists, political junkies and sociologists alike, and I very much enjoyed discussing their book.

The second show, Show #69, July 16 is my interview with Prof. John Tehranian of Chapman University School of Law. John is both an active scholar and intellectual property litigator, and he has a wide range of interests, from copyright law to human rights. I was thrilled to have John on as a guest and we had fun discussing issues ranging from copyright reform to the joys of civil litigation.