shows 118, 119 and 120 — profs. paul jones, eduardo penalver, sonia katyal and rob frieden — posted

I am pleased to post three more shows from this quarter. The first, Show 118, July 28 is my interview with Paul Jones of Paul is one of the true pioneers of the Internet, having founded SunSITE, one of the first webpages, as well as the digital library Paul is also a cutting-edge teacher, having taught a course using videos as the reading. In our interview, we had a wide-ranging discussion from Paul’s pedagogical style to the future of the Internet. I am sure that you’ll enjoy the discussion.

The second show is Show 119, August 4, my interview with Profs. Eduardo Penalver of Cornell Law and Sonia Katyal of Fordham Law discussing Property Outlaws. Eduardo and Sonia have written an excellent book examining copyright disobedience and its effects on the growth and development of copyright law. Analogizing to other examples of civil disobedience, Eduardo and Sonia paint a compelling picture of the need for such actions. I very much enjoyed the interview!

Show 120, August 11 is my interview with Prof. Rob Frieden of Penn State’s College of Communications discussing Winning the Silicon Sweepstakes. Rob has written a pull-no-punches account of the failure of the FCC to properly regulate the United States’ telecommunications interest. A sweeping indictment of the FCC, Rob’s book is also a trenchant analysis of where we should go in the future to reverse our course. Rob was a great guest and I’m sure that you’ll find the interview of interest.

One more show is coming before Hearsay Culture goes on its inter-quarter hiatus. As always, comments, suggests and feedback are welcome at Thanks for listening!