shows #102 and 103 — profs. geert lovink and alexander halavais — posted

I am pleased to post two more shows for this quarter, just in time for United States listeners to sit and digest leftover turkey. Both shows focus on communications theory and policy, but with reference to different tools. The first show, Show #102, November 11 is my interview with Prof. Geert Lovink of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, author of Zero Comments and co-editor of Open 13. Geert is an impressive, insightful and prolific media critic whose writing I have long admired. In our discussion, we focus on the world of blogging and social media. Specifically, we discuss Geert’s views regarding the hierarchies within media and the received wisdom of Web 2.0, and how blogs and social media are used to advance (or not advance) our individual knowledge. Geert’s unique insights were fascinating to explore and I was thrilled to chat with him!

The second show, Show #103, November 18 is my interview with Prof. Alexander Halavais of Quinnipiac University, author of Search Engine Society. Alex has written a comprehensive critique of the major ways that search engines impact our on- and off-line lives. Although a book difficult to write without focusing on Google, Alex did an admirable job writing about and discussing these issues from a broader perspective. We discussed several social and regulatory aspects of search and I greatly enjoyed the discussion, as I hope that you do!