Show #46 — Larry Downes — posted and where I’ll be

I am pleased to post Show #46, my interview with Adjunct Prof. Larry Downes of U.C. Berkeley School of Information (and CIS Non-Resident Fellow) on business innovation. The genesis of this show was Larry’s blog post regarding parallels between the industrial and Internet revolutions. We discussed this post as well as the larger questions of whether the industrial revolution is indeed the proper comparator to our current changes. Larry is a great guest and scholar, so I hope that you enjoy the show!

Also, I’ll return to live-blogging next week at the Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, an amazing and extremely valuable conference for IP folks to present their works-in-progress and get feedback from their colleagues. I have been consistently impressed at how supportive the IP prof community is of new profs, and am grateful for their anticipated feedback on my current (very early) work-in-progress, “Incentivizing Government: The People’s Trade Secrets”. Of course, I welcome any comments from anyone who wants to take the time; you can email me at

Live-blogging will also allow me to pay closer attention and maybe offer some comments of my own. Unfortunately, since there are parallel sessions going for most of the conference, I will be unable to cover every presentation. I also intend to follow-up with some people about being guests on the show. So it will be a busy few days!

I’ll cross post the live-blog on my blog on the CIS website. Hope you find it useful!