Show #44 — Jaime King — posted, scheduling and feedback request

I am pleased to post Show #44, my interview with Jaime King, Fellow in Stanford Law School’s Center for Law and the Biosciences.

Jaime allowed Hearsay Culture into new ground, biotechnology, particularly genetic engineering. Jaime’s work in this area is quite groundbreaking, as it analyzes the regulatory possibilities for engineering as well as dispells some misperceptions about its capabilities. This was one of those areas where I knew comparatively little about the topic, so I particularly enjoyed learning more about this challenging area during the interview. I hope that you enjoy it.

Were I more vain, or interested in ad revenue, I would never be able to say the following: I want more feedback. I’d like to know how I’m doing, to quote former NYC Mayor Ed Koch. Particularly, I’d like to know (a) if you’re listening, (b) what am I doing well, and (c) what do I need to improve. Also, if you have any guest recommendations, please let me know. I’ll be scheduling the Fall next month.

Finally, a scheduling note: I plan to post the previous week’s show within the week following its airing on KZSU. This depends on the time that I have (yes, I’m webmaster and coder as well), and as I’m now in full unpacking and teaching prep mode, such time is scarce. But that’s the goal.

Thanks much for reading and listening. I’m doing this show because I enjoy it and (I think) its educational and useful. On the latter point I’d like some feedback, as per the above, if you have the time and inclination. Email me at if you’d like to be discreet, or you can simply leave a comment here.