Show #31 — Prof. Richard Epstein — posted and schedule update

I am pleased to post the audio for my interview with Prof. Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School and the Hoover Institution.

It is a rare treat to be able to interview someone who has influenced my thinking, and indeed whom I read even before I went to law school (as frightening as that may be). Richard was a terrific person to interview, and the conversation ranged from discussion of fair use to the need for patent reform. The focus of the interview was a report that Richard authored for the Manufacturing Institute entitled “Intellectual Property for the Technological Age.” A pdf version of the report can be found on the National Association of Manufacturing website here. I don’t agree with the entire report, but regardless, it is an impressive, cogent and readable critique of much of the current intellectual property regime. While Richard would keep more of the current system in place than I would, I learned from the report and commend anyone who is looking to learn about IP, or seeking the insight of one of the legal giants of the last 30+ years on our IP regime.

Of course, I tried to pick appropriate songs for one who is alternatively called a libertarian and/or a “classic liberal”:

(1) If You Love Somebody Set Them Free/Sting/Dream of the Blue Turtles
(2) Boulevard/Jackson Browne/Hold Out
(3) Living On a Thin Line/The Kinks/Come Dancing With the Kinks – the Best of the Kinks
(4) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/The Beatles/The Beatles (White Album)

Thanks Richard for being on Hearsay Culture, and I hope that everyone enjoys the interview!

Finally, last but not least, I’ve added to the schedule with a great group of guests, now posted to July 4.