The show is about the guests, and I am thrilled and privileged to be able to invite so many fascinating people to join me in discussion.

The schedule for the spring is set (airdates — not guests — subject to change, and all airtimes are streamed at KZSU-FM LIVE). For the spring, the show will air from 2-3pm pacific time on Fridays.

New shows begin on April 22, 2016 and will include:

April 22: Prof. Ben Peters of the University of Tulsa, author of How Not to Network a Nation: The Uneasy History of the Soviet Internet.

April 29: Prof. Pam Samuelson of UC Berkeley School of Law and School of Information, on the Authors Alliance.

Tenth Anniversary show, airing May 6: Prof. Lawrence Lessig of Harvard University, reflecting on the past 10 years of Internet law and policy, and his current efforts to fix democracy.

May 13: Prof. Michael Schudson of Columbia School of Journalism, author of The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency, 1945–1975.

May 20: Francesca Musiani of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, Profs. Derrick L. Cogburn of American University’s School of International Service (SIS), and Laura DeNardis of American University’s School of Communication, co-editors of The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance.

May 27: Repeat, interview with Larry Lessig.

June 3: Repeat.

June 10: Prof. Paul Ringel of High Point University, author of Commercializing Childhood.

June 17: Prof. Neil Netanel of UCLA Law, author of From Maimonides to Microsoft: The Jewish Law of Copyright Since the Birth of Print.

Future Guests:

Prof. Missy Cummings of Duke University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, and Director of Duke’s Humans and Autonomy Lab, on autonomous automobiles.

Prof. Ryan Calo of University of Washington School of Law on robotics regulation and law.

Seda Gurses, post-doctoral fellow in the Media, Culture and Communications Department at NYU Steinhardt and at the Information Law Institute at NYU Law School.

I am now booking guests for the summer quarter of 2016, which begins in July 2016, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know by emailing me at or via the Contact page. Meanwhile, thank you for listening and I hope that you enjoy the shows as much as I enjoy doing them!