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At LONG last, after working on issues ranging from transparency in international trade and hydraulic fracturing to making sure that 3Ls have grades upon which to base their graduation, I am now going to begin a flurry of posts of this quarter’s shows. Thanks for your patience, and get ready for a barrage! So let’s […]

New semester, and new projects, means that I’m only now posting the last four shows from the summer quarter. They are: First, Show # 189, July 17, is my interview with Valentin Dander, PhD candidate at the University of Innsbruck, on open government data. I met Valentin at MIT8, a wonderful conference where this law […]

I’m pleased to post the first two shows of the summer quarter. The first, Show #187, July 3, is my interview with Prof. Dave Opderbeck of Seton Hall Law School on FISA courts and NSA surveillance. David recently created a dataset which shows that very few government requests have been denied by the FISA court. […]

At long last, I am posting several new shows from the end of last quarter and the beginning of this quarter. The first show, Show 170, August 7, is my interview with Prof. Woodrow Hartzog of Cumberland School of Law, Samford University and Fred Stutzman of UNC on their article, The Case for Online Obscurity. […]

I’m pleased to post the first show in the summer quarter, Show #142, June 29, my interview with Prof. Michael Risch of Villanova University School of Law. Mike discussed his article Patent Troll Myths, forthcoming in Seton Hall Law Review. Patent trolls are getting increasing attention as the parasite of the patent world, entities that […]

How do I approach posting a show with a professor with the same name as mine? Do I downplay it to appear more balanced? Do I come up with a kitschy title (Dave Meets David)? Or celebrate the achievement of another member of the tribe of Levite? I think I’ll celebrate it. I am very […]

I am pleased to post Show #70, my interview with Prof. Michael Meurer of Boston University School of Law, co-author of Patent Failure. Patent Failure is an excellent empirical analysis of the basic question: is patent law doing what we think intellectual property law should do (namely, encourage innovation)? In our discussion, we discuss, among […]

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